Alexander Cleasby

Automatically create icons for your electron app for all platforms

Use the electron-icon-maker package to build static icons for Linux, Mac, Windows from one source PNG file.

Using Environment Variables in the Client Side of your Create React App

Custom environment variables are a convenient way to allow other developers to customize use of your app for their deployment, keep separate configurations for your dev, production and test environments separate and keeping your private API keys off of GitHub. However when you are setting up a framework for building client side rendered apps, like the team behind Create React App were you can't just have a copy of the process.env object from Node on the client side. Allowing that would expose way too much about the server the app is running on to clients! This presents a possible security risk.

Mocking API Calls in Create React App using Jest

Most any web app you build is going to contain some sort of api call, but when you are doing testing you most likely do not want to be hitting your real API routes, particularly not for unit testing your front end. Luckily Jest has some tools that can be used to solve just that problem.

Include FFMPEG Binaries in your Electron App

How to use ffmpeg in your desktop Electron app. Include the correct ffmpeg binaries for the user's machine and exclude the others.

Adding a Blog to Your Gatsby Site From .md Files

This blog post will walk you through the use of Gatsby JS's Node api and Markdown parser to build a blog for the static site framework